Port Credit Kayaking

Interested in renting a kayak?

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Details: $40 per person… for up to 3 hours.

Kayak drop off and pick up included.

Rent kayaks for groups between 2 and 4 Kayaks.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Rent a Kayak Today!


Have you ever been kayaking on the Port Credit River?

If you have I am sure you will agree that this location is an excellent spot to see the area unlike any trail can provide. Kayaking has long been available at the Port Credit Canoe and Kayak club but only for members. For the large number of casual Kayaker’s RentaKayak.ca has the solution. Daily kayak rentals are now available by appointment. Let us know when you would like to kayak in port credit and we will deliver your kayaks. When your done we will pick them up. Simple.

Where we rent Kayaks

We rent kayaks in Port Credit, Streetsville, Brampton, West Toronto and in various spots around Mississauga. Port Credit Kayak rentals have only recently been made available to the community during the summer of 2011. You can now rent kayaks from us just by making a quick phone call.

Where can I go for more information

Kayak rentals ontario is a great resource for rivers outside the area. We focus our efforts on providing excellent service to the residents and businesses of Port Credit. Kayaking in ontario has long been a favorite pastime for active people to enjoy the sunshine. Kayaking is a passion of ours and we would like you to share in our wonderful active lifestyle.

Kayaks Only

Currently we only rent kayaks. We are different. We are great at renting kayaks, let someone else be great at renting canoes. Port Credit Canada is such a beautiful location, I can’t think of a better place to kayak then in your own backyard. Professional kayaking and canoeing can be seen regularly on the river. These athletes canoe, kayak or row regularly and are exceptionally talented. Many of them have competed in Olympics.

RENT A KAYAK TODAY! 416-625-6441

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